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Sound Like You?

Come Join Us, Sweet Friend

Are you a working woman who's busy trying to juggle all the balls (ok, and probably dropping a lot of them)?

Do you have a hard time believing you can be a working woman while also being a stellar wife and mom?

Are rest and days off are starting to feel more like a luxury than a regular occurrence?

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked and it’s starting to affect your business, your marriage, and your relationships with your friends?

Do you feel like you just need a damn break?


I know you’re busy, so this won’t take long…

I'm Amanda Coker

Founder of Revīv Retreats

In 2016 I was almost 5 years into owning my business, Dash Photography Atlanta, and somehow just a few months away from throwing in the towel.

I was full time with my business, which meant pulling all-nighters and 15 hour work days--putting all my focus, attention, and energy into building my business. As the 5-year mark rounded the corner, I crawled, barely breathing (literally), into 2017 as a sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden, full-blown depressed, friendless, workaholic.

Thus began my Revival and my journey to properly managing stress, growing a business, and being human again.

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What the retreat meant to them...

Here's what women who have attended our retreat are saying

I cannot recommend Reviv Retreats enough. It was the perfect way to start the new year off with new intentions and goals and a great way to recharge the batteries. The sessions were informative, eye opening and I'd even say life changing. The thought and effort Amanda put into making sure the retreat was special for us was above and beyond. We had a great balance of activities and down time. I took the retreat as an opportunity to disconnect and leave my phone in the room the majority of the time so i could focus on being intentional with the other attendees and while attending activities and that only enhanced what I got out of the retreat. I am already looking forward to the next retreat and spending time with the group I was with. We all bonded and leaned in to each other, supported each other, and cheered each other on and continue to even now that the retreat is over. 110% recommend this retreat for anyone needing some perspective, a mood boost, emotional support and love...honestly whatever you're going through, this retreat is the cure. My heart was so full when I left - so grateful for Amanda for planning and excecuting the perfect retreat. 


As a mother of four and a full-time, work-from-home employee, carrying my own burdens for so long, I was constantly stressed. Stress and exhaustion was normalized for me and seemed to just be how life was in your thirties. Revīv Retreat could not have come at a better time for me. I had been longing for connection to other women who were in a similar phase of life and I found that connection at Revīv. This retreat allowed me to take dedicated and purposeful time away from the day-to-day and focus on just taking a breath, and learn how to better support myself. The sessions and speakers were thought out and very impactful, giving practical takeaways to implement when we got home. Every detail was thought out and it was refreshing to "let it all go" and not have to worry about any plan or detail of a trip. It was like being a kid again when mom and dad took care of everything and you just had to show up.

web security engineer

It's the perfect retreat if you're feeling a little stuck or burned out. Whether you want to shout your problems to the world when you arrive, or if you just prefer to listen and take it all'll come home with some tools to help you tackle the world. There is also a beautiful amount of downtime built in to make sure you return to life more rested than when you left!

If I can help it, I will never miss this retreat again!

Executive director of bert's big adventure

When you live your day-to-day leading a team (and a household), making moves according to logistics or planning how you can fill every ounce of time, one of the most difficult things to do is rest and make time for others to pour into your life and business. It can be easy to SCHEDULE self-care, but to PRACTICE distraction-free feels close to impossible. Revīv SO intentionally eliminated all the distractions we typically have so that we were forced to NOT have to think about anything, not even when or what we would eat. In that rare and beautiful space, I was able to be fully present with MYSELF, to look and reflect inward, and notice beauty around me. Revīv gave us gentle reminders that while we are truly doing a great work, we can fall if we don't take care of ourselves. They gave us tools and strategies to help us implement more efficiency in our businesses, and avoid burnout along the way. I felt joy I hadn't felt in so long on day 1, productive in my learning in the most relaxed way possible, re-ignited with excitement for my business, and truly revived as I made my way home. Thank you Reviv! Now, when can I sign up for the next one? :) 

Co-Owner Big Beyond Band + Fitness professional

As a woman who has owned my business for almost 6 years, I had finally reached a point where "doing it all" wasn't making me happy. I knew I had to make changes in my work + life habits, but wasn't too sure of all the ways to make them. Recognizing that these changes needed to be made was easy, but actually making them seemed challenging. When I decided to invest in myself and attend Revīv, that's when I started getting serious about the necessary life/work adjustments I would make. Before I even attended, Revīv had already started to help me. Actually attending Revīv was by far one of the best decisions and investments I have made. I was not designed to "do it all". I finally acknowledged that if I am not well, then my business, relationships, and home are not well. And if those are not well, then I will not be able to live out my purpose. Revīv reignited my soul and helped me find peace in the next phase of my life. Forever grateful to Revīv. 

Owner of Make Me Up Atlanta

The Revīv Retreat was everything I didn't know I needed. It was evident that the team thought about the ways we don't usually take care of ourselves and dreamt up ways to make us feel nurtured with gestures big and small. It started with not having to think about any logistics or what to pack, being picked up and dropped off, providing the dreamiest Puerto Rican house by the beach to stay which each of us having our individual rooms, having fresh meals, yummy snacks and refreshing drinks served throughout the day, enriching us with incredible and knowledgable speakers, and organizing fun activities. But, what mattered even more were the tiny gestures like making our beds, not letting us touch a single dish, leaving encouraging notes and just the simple "How are you?" and "What else can I do for you?" Add to that the sense of community we were able to build with each other and the amazing goodies. I can't think of a better way to recharge.

Owner of Sudduth financial

It was amaze balls! I have never felt more at peace in such a beautiful setting. The sessions were epic and the free time we were given were filled with stillness. Met great people who also struggle with what I struggle with so it was great to have like discussions. My husband granted me to do this at least once a year to get ahead of any stress and not go when I’m already stressed. :) Hands down one of the most memorable retreats!

Owner of Amanda Jewel Floral + Design

Revīv came at the perfect time for me in both my business and professional life. On the brink of complete overwhelm, the opportunity to not only physically get away and rest for some time, but also learn new tools to help me sustain my emotional and physical health, have made a profound difference in my life. Since my return home, I have a greater sense of mental durability, I've adapted a much more sustainable work flow, and feel a greater overall sense of confidence that I have what it takes to achieve my goals. Amanda and her team invested in each woman there as they were family, and the connections I made with other likeminded woman will last a lifetime. If you are wanting to invest not just in your business, but in yourself - the heart of your business - I can't recommend Revīv Retreats enough!

home design, social media influencer/marketing

If you have ever wondered if you are worth this investment- you ARE. I am a business owner, wife, and mother with way too many “to-dos” and not enough patience to realize that I cannot do it all. Going on this retreat gave me perspective of how to best manage my time and how to set goals that are attainable to keep me from the dreaded burnout. Taking a few days away to rejuvenate myself was worth it alone- but the bonus was the selfless service the ladies of Revīv showed us. I didn’t have to plan, organize, or be in charge of anything. I got to clear my heart and my minds and get back to the core of what I want for my family and for myself. I learned so much about self care and was given tools from the sessions to go forward a stronger and healthier version of myself.

-Mary Lynn
Owner of Arrowed Beginnings Weddings